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Congratulations Norm

Seeking Atticus
By Norm D'Plume

Congratulations to my good friend Norm on realising your dream and getting this literary gem published.

You are an inspiration and one hell of a wordsmith.

I wish you all the succes that this little treasure deserves.

Laugh out loud in the face of Liv's adversity as she blunders through life, lurching from one catastrophe to the next, in her struggle to escape a disastrous marriage and build a new life for herself and her two young sons.
Set in the mid-eighties, Seeking Atticus is a heart-warming story that finds thirty-something Olivia living and working at a friend's boarding kennels as she awaits the outcome of an impending court case to determine her financial settlement from her recent divorce.
From one debacle to another, it is her blossoming friendship with Micahel that keeps her - just about - on the right side of sanity... Michael and Atticus Finch, of course! With Atticus's moral compass as her guide, Liv attempts to steer a course through troubled waters in her quest to find happiness on the other side.